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Every genius is nourished by his native land. Geniuses are those who can be received by other nations like their native sons,” Writes famous Georgian poet, Vazha-Pshavela in his iconic essay, “Cosmopolitanism and Patriotism.” Little did he realize that he himself was the personification of all this: A genius, whose work accurately portrays the divinity of earthly energy that unites all life on earth, a child of mountainous region of Pshavi, who felt both the beauty of nature and the chaos humanity caused to it. Sadly, due to the fact that southern Caucasian literature is unknown to the mainstream audience, other nations barely had any chance to receive Vazha as their “native son”, which is why I am here today, writing a short summary of his work and analyzing it through my translations, so please, hear both me and Vazha-Pshavela out, as we have a lot important things to say.

In the 1930’s, a famous philosopher and the founding father of phenomenology, Edmund Husserl, developed various theories that involved Humanizing the Animal and Animalizing the Human. In that study he claimed that an animal's psyche is far more anthropomorphic than previously thought.

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