For George Leonidze. By Vazha-Pshavela (translation by me).

For the first time, in adolescence, When I was just starting to open my eyes, Weeping, while catching the essence, Of my homeland, agonized- I was searching desperately, For a helping hand, delicately, Nobody was a guard, For our oppressed land, So, I started weeping harder, I was bursting into tears, as if I was […]


(dedicated to Shio of the Cave) Receive this small offering From your brother,- My heart aches as well, I know the feeling of being oppressed by the enemy all too well, Teach children by using their means, Those tunes, that are close to the heart, The love for nature and greens, And our ancestor’s way […]


Oh, how pitiful is the violet, That came to be on mountains! Wretched, always harmed by cold, Or stricken by lightning, on its top; God gave the pitiful, A short lifespan, In this realm, for its loveliness, A mere second of existence, is the plan, When violet starts to wilt, “Oh!” to god, it will […]

Wedding of the Giants

It was a roaring thunderstorm in the sky, during the night, The mountains were bowing their heads, Forest was abandoned by leaves for a flight, And sea was roaring, as well as black. It was a wedding of the beasts, you could hear the rumble, inside the great feast, I was invited as well, so […]

For Girlie

Girlie, the most I love about you, Is how you channel a fox: You never dare to stare, Yet the boys you always mock. From time to time, you smile, Slowly, in your heart, emotions you pile: While Swinging a swordless sword, You cut the heart cords. On my heart still shows, The way you […]

My Grandfather’s Will

Child, why do you cry, What misfortune has come by? Enduring while in distress, Has always been the rule of a man! A crying man is not a good fit, Weeping like a woman, is just not it, You must scare the enemy with your sword, His footsteps you must follow, like a wolf, Your […]

If I cry,

If i cry, And it bothers you, why? One laughs, the other cries: For this realm, such rule applies, Those who do not like my weeping, Then let us not be together, sitting: I, the owner of the howling stviri, How did my foot reach you, really! But one day, you will understand, Who closer […]

Walk On the Sky, Oh Moon

Walk on the sky, oh moon, Rise and dive, oh sun! Mountains, bare your chest And on shoulders, let nabadi rest, Let it pour, dusky cloud, Soften mother earth and its breasts, Smile, you beauty, let the heart of a boy rejoice in his chest! Agonize, for the darling of your choice, Time does not […]

Where is the Christ, or his teachings?

What kind of existence am I in? What has fallen upon me? I have almost gone mad and became a beast, On human flesh, I feast, I drink human blood, like water, With millions of gallons not being enough per day, I am Worthy of being called humankind’s hunger, I despise myself, for living that […]

The eagle

I saw an eagle, who was wounded, He was at war with ravens and spades, Injured, he struggled to get up, But could not, he had no aid… One wing on the ground he carries, With blood on his chest, Oh, watch out spades, be wary! You had me at my worst, If not, I […]

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