A pursuer he has become,
To cranes, which transition,
An eagle, who is all alone, chasing them!
In a row, a lot of them stand, that is their position,
He is saddened by their run,
As the road that eagle followed, was won,
They were wanderers, coming from nowhere,
With celebration and calls without care,
They trampled over his dominion,
The mountains, as well as the fields, without his opinion,
As they did not even ask the possessor,
With kind words, if he wanted a successor,
“look at those bastards, may your kin perish!” –
He worries, with fire burning as his rage, appearing nightmarish,
“for my opinion, they never ask,
In their own power only, they bask.
It is as if I do not even exist,
And on my land and water, of which my possessions consist,
They want to feast,
So that I can watch from afar, with my eyes, as my anger is increased?!
This eagle can die then,
I can cease to exist, as will my claws then!”
While saying this, his chest,
Was pouring, from every side of his breast,
And his Extruded heart,
Shone as hail from the sky’s top,
The barking and croaking of the eagle,
As a thunderbolt was captured in the sky, appearing regal,
As the result of revenge:
Down on the ground, I was meeting those, which were sent,
Head-to-toe-cut cranes, so that they could repent,
On the roadside, some laid,
In the meadows, some were trapped, without aid,
As for the eagle himself, he was in the sky, playing,
Hovering though domains, blazing.
Enjoying the core of the heavens,
Singing and piping through his endeavors
Is the demise of an enemy really this sweet?
So much that, after it, heart feels complete?!

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