It was a roaring thunderstorm in the sky, during the night,
The mountains were bowing their heads,
Forest was abandoned by leaves for a flight,
And sea was roaring, as well as black.
It was a wedding of the beasts,
you could hear the rumble, inside the great feast,
I was invited as well, so I came:
For this strong smell, who was to blame?!
Three fires were ignited,
Three tanks boiled at the top,
On the front porches of the guests,
Man’s head was laying, as well as his legs,
From the back gulf,
By the voice of agony, all was engulfed,
“How do I eat my brother’s meat ?!” –
Someone’s scream could be heard,
And I became full without a treat,
So full, that I could feel it in my throat, take my word.

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