What kind of existence am I in? What has fallen upon me?
I have almost gone mad and became a beast,
On human flesh, I feast,
I drink human blood, like water,
With millions of gallons not being enough per day,
I am Worthy of being called humankind’s hunger,
I despise myself, for living that way,
Even so, I cannot change, being astray.
Oh, how was the Nazarene deceived,
When he thought that brotherhood and unity, he could achieve!
he acknowledged,
Such love, as he believed in it, himself,
In Christianity and its teachings, as well,
How do we get misled, where does it start?
Everything seems to be distantly apart,
as the revelation was late,
For these beliefs, he was crucified:
He has planted his wisdom, in a form of a tree, for it to reside,
Oh, how he suffered, how he tried,
So that men would not be pitted like wolfs, against one another,
Show me the fruit his sacrifice bore,
When and where have you tasted its core?
When will the time come,
For humans to call each other “brother”?!

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